Our Mission Statement


At Little Stars we provide a safe, secure and stimulating educational environment in which children are valued as unique individuals, assisted by caring, experienced and qualified practitioners.

We support our children in becoming happy, inquisitive and successful learners through a balanced curriculum of child-led activities, free choice and adult led group learning.

We provide a varied range of activities that stimulate the children’s imaginations and meet

their needs through our Little Stars Curriculum.

Through high expectations of behaviour and achievement, we encourage the children to develop a love of learning and a sense of awe and wonder as they grow up in a very diverse world.


Our Goal


Our goal is to build and encourage a positive relationship with parents and children alike in an atmosphere of respect, security and confidence. Working together and developing good partnerships with parents helps children feel positive and encourages their learning.

Our Aims


  • Maintain a happy, safe and caring environment where children feel secure to grow and develop
    • Ensure equality of opportunity where everyone is valued and respected
    • Enable our children to develop their confidence, self- esteem and self-discipline
    • Encourage our children to develop lively, imaginative, enquiring and independent minds which will support them as lifelong learners
    • Provide high quality teaching and learning through an exciting curriculum which stimulates and challenges all children
    • Ensure children make as much progress as possible through the setting and monitoring of individual targets
    • Teach our children excellent core and life skills as a foundation for further learning
    • Recognise and celebrate children’s success and foster a sense of pride
    • Model excellent behaviour through positive role models, clear expectations and guidelines to develop these core life skills
    • Encourage our children to develop a sense of health, safety and general wellbeing
    • Work in partnership with families and the wider community, building positive unity and effective relationships
    • Work in partnership with our local community schools and other early years settings to ensure a smooth transition for our children across Key Stages
  • Accommodate the individual needs of all who access our setting, irrespective of ethnic heritage, social and economic background, gender, sexual orientation, ability or disability.
  • Listen to the views of all who use our setting; children, parents, employees and other professionals
  • Continually reflect upon practice, as a setting and as individuals to ensure continual improvement of provision
  • Implement our policies and procedures consistently and review them as deemed necessary and at least annually


Written by Little Stars Staffing Team – September 2019